How do I know if my underground heating oil tank is leaking?

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Most residential heating oil tanks are 50-70 years old, leaks may occur when tanks get this old. Click to learn more about some simple ways to determine if your tank is leaking! You may have a leak in your tank if you smell oil around the tank, in your basement, or close

Why should I decommission my abandoned underground oil tank?

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Abandoned underground oil tanks are a potential source of soil and groundwater contamination. Underground oil tanks should be decommissioned whenever they are no longer used, if they have questionable structural integrity, or if they are leaking.According to the Model Toxics Control Act, a tank owner may be held liable for contamination caused by a leak.Often

What should I do with my abandoned underground oil tank?

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The recommendation of  the Washington State Department of Ecology is permanent closure for abandoned underground storage tanks this is also required by many local Fire Departments. Decommissioning a tank is the process of permanently closing a tank. Removal of heating oil and sludge from the tank is also involved in decommissioning abandoned underground oil tanks.Abandoned

How long should I expect an underground oil tank to last?

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A common life expectancy of underground oil tanks is approximately 10-15 years, it is also possible for them to last longer. The older a tank gets the likelihood of a leak happening increase. The best way to avoid potential problems associated with a leaking tank is to have your tank taken out of the ground

What if I am no longer using my underground home heating oil tank?

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If you have switched from home heating oil to natural gas or electricity as a means of heating your home, and your heating oil tank is no longer in use, and known as abandoned. Abandoned underground storage tanks that are out of service for 12 months must be properly decommissioned. If removal isn’t possible

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